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Are you looking for underwater vessel repair in Africa? We are WAMARINE (West Africa Marine Services Private Limited) an underwater ship repair and maintenance and offshore repair and maintenance services are available at our place. We are a multinational company with our head office located in Lagos, Nigeria. WAMARINE is providing underwater vessel repair services to more than 20 African countries such as Algeria, Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Comoros, Congo, Equatorial, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Seychelles etc. We provide various kinds of services such as store supply LSA inspection, repair, underwater, and agent, etc. We also have approvals from the number of lifeboat makers and life-raft makers worldwide and have the class certificates of DNVGL, NK, LR, BV, KR etc. Even in the meantime, you will come across a number of experienced engineers were chief engineers on the ship who specializes in the repair of turbochargers, engines, cranes, etc. We have stock spare parts in Nigeria and can deliver them to most of the countries in Africa just within 24 hours. Our whole target is to make the sail anywhere in African water. We have a complete spread out the network in Africa, and offer Angola underwater, Algeria underwater, Cameroon underwater, Comoros underwater, Congo underwater, Nigeria underwater, Ghana underwater, Guinea underwater, Madagascar underwater, Senegal underwater, Tanzania under underwater, Ivory Coast underwater and much more. No matter wherever you are, we respond quickly, provide you with unique underwater solutions, and serve reliably. When you connect us, you have the solutions ready to serve.

The kind of underwater repair services that we provide are

  • Voyage Repair - If you are looking for voyage repair in Benin underwater or Cape Verde underwater, Cameroon underwater, Eritrea underwater, Equatorial underwater, Guinea underwater, Cote D'Ivoire underwater or any anywhere in Africa, we can be your solution. You will find boiler repair to motor rewinding repair, automation to construction repair services and deck machinery and instrument calibration etc.
  • Dockyard Repair - For dockyard repair, you can definitely contact us anytime. Whether you are looking for Djibouti underwater, Gabon underwater, Kenya underwater, Liberia underwater, Libya underwater, Mauritania underwater, Seychelles underwater, Sudan underwater, Tunisia underwater etc who are looking for high pressure water jetting and cleaning or shot blasting, overhauling, unshipping of the rudders and checking the alignment of the rudders to survey of safety equipment are some of our open services.
  • Underwater Repair - Are you looking for Mauritius underwater, Morocco underwater, Mozambique underwater, Namibia underwater, Niger underwater, Reunion underwater, Togo underwater, Sao Tome and Principe underwater, Sierra Leone underwater, Somalia underwater, St. Helena underwater services? We are definitely your first choice. As we render services almost anywhere in Africa. From underwater welding to cutting, aperture blanking to rudder repair, zinc anode replacement to echo sounders and speed logs replacement etc.
  • Cleaning - As for cleaning you will find a number of repair services when it comes to underwater. We are the best in Algeria, Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Comoros, Congo, Equatorial, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Seychelles underwater cleaning services


  • Stores - We are able to supply a number of items in the African countries looking for underwater services along with ship store supply like medical, galley, engine, deck, bonded, safety equipment, chemical products, lubricant etc.
  • Spare Parts – Sometimes you will come across vessel anywhere in Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Reunion, Togo, and Sao Tome and Principe underwater, Sierra Leone, and Somalia etc. and if you are devoid of the spare parts we can provide them eminently And can support you quickly. If you have a bulk carrier vessel with a number of courses then we are one of the best choices. We can provide you with spare parts for automation, auxiliary diesel, heat exchanges, coolers and heaters, search .lights, fire detection systems, other machinery parts etc.
  • Ship Ropes – For any kind of vessel services and ship ropes, you can call us at our toll-free number. We have a number of ship rope varieties such as steel, stainless steel, mooring and wire ropes to help you increase efficiency at your deck.
  • Deck Hardware – Do you need an anchor, anchor chain with whatever dimensions, we can provide that you in just time. Now we have strict targets set for our candidates anywhere in Benin or Cape Verde, Cameroon, Eritrea, Equatorial, Guinea, Cote D'Ivoire etc all African countries and we provide you with deck hardware to mooring buoys, lifeboats to life raft and propeller, everything that completes your needs inside and outside the vessel.
  • Machinery – If you are looking for strong and guaranteed machinery parts in the African countries of anywhere from Djibouti underwater, Gabon underwater, Kenya underwater, Liberia underwater, Libya underwater, Mauritania underwater, Seychelles underwater, Sudan underwater, Tunisia underwater services, we at WAMARINE give you the most reliable machinery and equipment with replacement facilities as well.


We also provide inspection services in Algeria, Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Comoros, Congo, Equatorial, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Seychelles and other African countries through partners who hail with class certificates of LR, BV, DNVGL, NKK, etc. We thus have the record to satisfy our customers to the highest level when it comes to firefighting. We also provide remote radio control and life-saving services. As when it comes to underwater repair services, we will provide your all class certified divers who are in our database to serve the vessel in the correct order. You can call us from anywhere in Africa. Just give us your exact location and UW service people will resolve the problems immediately once you fix her schedule.

Other than repair, supply, and inspection you can also get a number of hulk and machinery survey to P&I and painting as well pre-loading services anytime you like. For any type of other underwater services and machinery replacement, you can give us a call at the toll-free number. Our customer support is available for 24 hours for any kind of needs, which may or may not be an emergency. We have access throughout African ports and hence we provide you with hassle-free solutions.

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