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Do you know what factors cause the fuel costs to increase in operating the ships? The answer is the corrosion of the hull bottom. If hull and propeller surfaces are maintained ie its speed will improve significantly and fuel usage will reduce. We at, West Africa Marine Service Limited are here to help you as we provide Nigeria Underwater services. We not only deliver our underwater services in Nigeria but in almost all the African countries like: Sierra Leone, Congo, Congo, Togo and more. We are not limited to Underwater. Services; WE Also Deal in Store Supply's, LSA Inspection, Rental's Services and More We Also Work AS Agents Our Services Offering in May the If the I say, Our Sky IS limit.

The Underwater you CAN GET Access to Services, the include:
Underwater welding, Underwater welding, Rudder repair, Zinc anode repair, Fabrication of custom blanks, Bow thrust repair, Sealing stern tube glands and many more.

The underwater cleaning services we provide are:
Underwater hull cleaning, Cargo hold cleaning, Water ballast tank cleaning, Boiler cleaning and so much more. Our main motive is to make your ship sail properly in water. We have an advantage and that is our wide network in Africa which helps us serve you quickly. When you are in Africa, you need not worry because we are here for you whenever you need us.

Our company exists only to fulfill a purpose and that is to resolve the problems of our clients. Our priority is our customer’s satisfaction not money. 


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