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Maintenance of the ship is imperative for its effective functioning. Any damage to the ship while sailing can become a threat to the crew members. The problems in the underwater parts of the ship cannot be detected by naked eyes. The hull and propellers need special attention and care from time to time.

West Africa Marine Service Limited is responsible for repairing and maintaining the vessels, anywhere in Africa.  We are the most entrusted ones with the job of servicing a ship in Africa, especially in providing
Benin Underwater Services. Our experts are highly trained in providing the required services. The propellers of the offshore vessels help in changing the direction of the vessel on the sea. Therefore, we work on the blades and all other parts of the propellers which need proper maintenance.

Maintenance work like the replacing the anodes which easily wear out can be carried out without any interference with the ship’s sailing. Benin underwater services technical personnel work altogether with the whole team, managers, and supervisors. All the procedures and techniques that we use are approved by the major classification associations.  
Our professional divers first engage in the inspection of the hull damage and then work on repair and cleaning, thereby contributing to the assistance of the ships. We deal in the cleaning of tank, hull or bottom. In addition to this, we can the cleaning done by our partners too.
The services we offer are:

·        Underwater welding
·        Underwater hull cleaning
·        Water ballast tank cleaning
·        Internal line cleaning
·        Exchanger cleaning
·        Boiler cleaning
·        Cargo hold cleaning
·        Underwater cutting
·         Underwater grit blasting
·        Aperture blanking
·        Propeller blade repair and cropping
·         Bilge keel cropping
·        Bow thrusters repair
·        Rudder repair
·         Sealing stern tube glands
·         Zinc anode replacement
·        Fabrication of custom blanks in hours

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